Terms & Conditions

last revision 01 March 2023

When registering on Buyer.MD website, the individuals and companies, who are legally capable and have reached the legal age (hereinafter referred to as “Client” or “Party”), conclude the Agreement with Buyer.MD website, (hereinafter referred to as “Executor” or “Party”) on the following conditions. The present Agreement is the official public document that regulates the relations, rights and duties of the Executor and the Client of the Buyer.MD website. The conditions are obligatory for all the users of this website, Client accepts these conditions.


The subject of the Agreement is the services provided by Buyer.MD.

In order to comply with the terms of this Agreement, the Executor must perform the following, at the request of the Сlient, for a certain reward (hereinafter referred to as “Services”):

  • To purchase products, appliances and items (hereinafter referred to as “Products”), in the online-shops, brick-and-mortar shops, online marketplaces  and Internet auctions located in the USA, European Union Member State, UK or any other country(hereinafter referred to as “Seller”).
  • To receive, process, storage the Products, bought on the behalf of the Client from the Seller
  • To deliver Products by postal, courier, cargo or freight service to the Client.
  1. When placing an order on the website, the Client provides the Executor with the right to receive, process, store and transmit his personal data.
  2. The Executor charges a fee from the Client for his services, according to the tariffs, listed on Buyer.MD website.
  3. When ordering the Services, the Client accepts that the Executor has the right to engage third parties in order to fulfill his obligations under this Agreement. Third parties can be, but not limited to, postal and courier companies, warehouse operators, freight companies, etc.
  4. The Client confirms that he has read this Agreement and accepts its conditions, when he submits “New Order” on Buyer.MD website.
  5. The Executor reserves the right to unilaterally change this Agreement, the tariffs and conditions of services. The Client must regularly follow the changes of this Terms & Conditions.


The Executor’s rights and duties

  • The Executor must fulfill the Client’s requirements, related to the Services, if these requirements are not in conflict with the terms of this Agreement, the information posted on this website, or the legislation of the US, the UK or EU.
  • The Executor must maintain the confidentiality of the Client’s personal information and must not disclose them to third parties, if it isn’t required in order to fulfill the conditions of the Agreement.
  • The Executor reserves the right not to process or cancel the Client’s order of any product without explaining the reasons.
  • If the Client uses foul language and insults the Executor, the Executor reserves the right to deny to provide Services to the Client.
  • The Executor must provide the Client with the information about this Agreement fulfillment.
  • If there is a lack of payment, the Executor has the right to suspend the provision of Services to the Client.
  • The Executor must inform the Client about all important changes related to his order.
  • If the product’s actual price differs from the price, which is mentioned by the Client in his order, the Executor will inform the Client about it as soon as possible. Executor will give the opportunity to confirm or cancel the order of this product. If it’s impossible to contact the Client, the order of this Product is canceled.
  • The Executor must deliver the products to the Client, not later than 45 days from the day Client accepted and paid the order. In case of pre-orders, not in stock products this term can be extended with Client’s approval. 
  • The Executor must return Client’s funds paid for the order in full, if ordered products are not delivered within 45 days time frame. However, if the product was delivered, but it is damaged, not as described, wrong model/size/variation, not working properly, missing parts, with defects refer to Product return procedure of this Agreement.

The Client’s rights and duties

  • The Client must provide the reliable information, necessary for the Executor’s services, on time and in full. If there are doubts in the Client’s information accuracy or the lack of it, the Executor reserves the right to suspend the provision of Services.
  • The Client must pay for the ordered products on time and in full, including the price of the delivery to the Executor’s warehouse, also the taxes, customs duties and other charges, appearing during the Executor’s Services provision. 
  • The Client must store all the documents that confirm payment for the Executor’s services, until the Client receives his order in full.
  • The Client must inform the Executor if he wants to use promo codes and other discounts, when requesting the product purchase.
  • In case of fraud suspicion, the Client must confirm his identity, along with billing address and payment details. To do that, the Client will provide to the Executor copies of the Client’s identity documents, photos of the credit card used, selfies or other documents which will confirm legality of the transactions. 


The Client’s account top up. Money transfer.

  1. The methods of the Client’s account top up are listed on the website.
  2. When paying for the Executor’s services, the Client must pay for the commissions of the intermediary banks and/or the payment systems.
  3. To start processing the order, the Executor should receive from the Client at least 30% of the order total quoted by the Executor.

The order placement

  1. To participate in eBay auction (https://ebay.com/, https://ebay.co.uk/, https://ebay.de/), the Client must provide his maximum acceptable bid for the product to the Executor. The Executor will try to win the auction using his account, up to the maximum bid, but the purchase isn’t guaranteed. In case the auction is won, the Client cannot cancel or modify his order. 
  2. To participate in the auction, the Client must top up his account with 30% of his maximum bid preliminary to the auction end. If the auction will not be won, the Executor will refund this amount back to the Client.
  3. It is possible to purchase products on eBay, Amazon from sellers with a rating of 5 or higher. The additional checks are carried out before the purchase from the sellers with rating of less than 15. In order to provide qualitative services, the Executor has the right to refuse purchase of goods from any Seller that hasn’t passed the checking procedure.
  4. The Executor will not purchase any products located or sold by any sellers located in China. The Executor will not purchase any products from any websites he considers high risk, suspicious or fraud related. 
  5. The Executor pays the Seller for the products from his account, and the Seller delivers products to the Executor’s warehouse located in the USA, UK or EU.
  6. If a Client orders products in bulk, and there are products out of the Seller’s stock, the Executor has the right to cancel and delete this Product from the order. The Executor will send the notification letter to the registered email address, or will inform the Client  via instant messages in Viber/Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp or other app.
  7. After the Executor placed the order on Sellers website, the order cannot be modified or canceled by the Client.

Reception, storage and actions with Products at the warehouse

  1. The Executor will receive products to the warehouse which he owns or to a third party warehouse, he works with.
  2. As the Executor is responsible for the outgoing parcels, he has the right to open any parcel, arrived at the warehouse.
  3. Additional services for the product or the parcel, that aren’t listed on the website, are possible by the Client’s request on an individual basis. 

The products delivery procedure 

  1. The Executor will use the most adequate transportation method to deliver products to the  Client, based on ship from country, product weight / volumetric weight, destination, etc.
  2. The Executor will decide and will rely on his own experience to choose the best transportation method of products to the Client. 
  3. The Executor will provide a tracking number to the Client, in case such tracking exists. The Executor can use non-tracked services to deliver products to the Client, in such case tracking will not be provided.
  4. The Client can choose delivery speed, if such option is available and provided by the Executor.
  5. The delivery is calculated separately from the Products prices. The final delivery price is specified after the products are packed and weighted. 
  6. The shipping terms, specified on Buyer.MD website, are approximate. The Executor isn’t responsible for the actions of the State postal service, courier services or transport companies, and can’t influence the delivery speed once the products are shipped.
  7. If the parcel delay occurs, the Executor submits the claim to search for the parcel with the postal service/ courier company in the expedition country. In the case of circumstances stipulated in the insurance contract (for example: damage, loss or lack of products occurred in transit), the Executor lodges the complaint to the appropriate transportation company to compensate the insurance amount. After the Executor receives the compensation, he will transfer it to the Client.

Product return procedure

  1. Due to the fact that the Client chooses the Seller, the Executor isn’t responsible for the Seller’s actions.  If the Seller sends a “not as described product”, the Executor will do all possible to return the money, paid by the Client. However, the Executor can’t guarantee their return and doesn’t compensate the Client’s financial losses.
  2. The Client has the right to return the Product to the Seller, however the return is carried out only if the Seller specified this service procedure.
  3. The Executor’s decision about the possibility of the Product return is based only on the Seller’s decision or on the open claim process (Ebay buyer guarantee, Paypal buyer protection).
  4. If the Client wants to return the Product to the Seller, the Client must pay for the Product delivery from the Client to the Executor and from the Executor to the Seller or to pay delivery from the Client to Seller directly.
  5. If the Seller decides to refuse the Client to return the Product, the Executor doesn’t compensate the Product price.
  6. The Product return procedure is carried out according to the Seller’s conditions, including, but not limited to the procedure, terms and compensation amount.
  7. If the Product return is possible, the Client must consider the delivery terms from the Client to the Executor, the terms of the Product processing at the warehouse (up to 5 working days) and the delivery terms from the Executor to the Seller.
  8. After the Seller returns the product price to the Executor, the money will be returned to the Client.


  1. The parties are not liable for the partial or full failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement in the result of the force majeure circumstances, that are impossible to be predicted and prevented by the reasonable measures. The force majeure circumstances and events are fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, storm, epidemic and other natural phenomena and military actions.
  2. The Executor isn’t responsible for the services actions (for banks, postal services, Internet providers, payment systems, etc.)that don’t belong to the Executor, whose associated services are used in the process of the Executor’s services provision to the Client.
  3. The Executor is not responsible for the terms of the product delivery from the Seller to the Executor.
  4. If the Seller sent the wrong product, the Executor isn’t responsible for the product mismatch. The Executor doesn’t check the product, received from the Seller, on the conformity to the declared characteristics. 
  5. The Executor isn’t responsible for the quality and the components of the Products, received at the warehouse. The Executor doesn’t provide the guarantee for the Products, purchased by the Client with the help of the Executor’s Services.
  6. The Client must not make the Executor the defendant and respondent for any circumstances and expenses, related to the damage, caused by the third parties’ actions, including, but not limited to the Seller, postal and courier services and payment systems.
  7. The Executor will compensate the Client’s losses, only if the losses were the result of the Executor’s mistake. The compensation cannot exceed the Executor’s fees charged for this particular order.


  1. The Executor will inform the Client, before accepting the order, if the quoted price does include cost of customs duties or not.
  2. In case the price is quoted without duties paid option, The Client is responsible for all customs clearance.


The settlement of the disputes, related to the implementation of the conditions of this Agreement, is settled through discussion. If it’s impossible to settle the dispute through peaceful negotiations, the disputes will be resolved in the court. If the Executor is the respondent, the dispute shall be settled in the court of the Republic of Moldova and regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. If the Client is the respondent, the dispute shall be settled in the court, according to the Client’s location, and regulated by his country legislation.